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We sat in silence for a while. My thoughts kept coming back to how much I wanted that vacation. After a while I decided it was really only fair he get his dream if I get mine, how much I love him, and how it shouldn't hurt too much.

But now I was ready to give in, I was still making excuses to avoid it happening. I said to Ted, "Well, perhaps. But we can't do it tonight. You can't ass fuck without lube."

Well, of course the crafty bastard had that one all worked out. With a giant grin on his face, he held out a tube of lube.

So now I was looking for another excuse to put it off. I told him I'd need a good long bath, as he really didn't want to get his cock covered in shit. He really had to agree, and soon I was stretched out naked in a lovely warm bath, the hot water gently caressing my pussy.

I was imagining Ted's cock stretching my bottom cheeks apart, and him pumping gallons of semen inside my ass hole. I was now getting quite wet at the thought. I soaped up my finger and pushed it inside my ass hole to give it a really good clean out. Soon, my ass was in the air, two fingers of one hand in my pussy and two fingers of my other hand inside my anus, double frigging myself. When I orgasmed, with the hand up my ass I could feel the waves of my orgasm fluttering through my finger tips.

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