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Before we show you the girls, here's a joke...

A man walks into his doctor's. He's got a black eye and a split lip.

"What happened to you?" asked the doctor.

"Well, in church last Sunday, sitting in front of me was this big fat milf. When we all stood up to sing the first hymn, I noticed that her dress was caught in the crack of her ass. I thought this must have been uncomfortable for her, so I decided to be helpfull..."

"You idiot!" Exclaimed the doctor, "you didn't..."

"Yes, I did. I pulled the dress out of the crack of her ass. She turned round and smacked me in the face."

"What a stupid thing to do!" Said the Doctor. "I hope you learnt your lesson." The doctor patched him up.

However, the next week, the same man turned up again at the doctor's office, with his lip split again, and the other eye black.

"What happened this time?" asked the doctor.

"Well, the same fat old tart was sitting in front of me. This time when we stood up to sing the hymn, I noticed again that her skirt was trapped in the crack of her ass. After what happened last time, I knew she wouldn't want me to fix it again. So I extended my fingers out pointed, and pushed them into the crack of her ass, so that her skirt got pushed in further as well. I'm not stupid, I didn't want to upset her like I did before."


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